The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown measures have impacted thousands of learners around Bangladesh, leaving them with little or no option to continue their education. Thousands have lost their jobs and livelihoods and need reskilling to regain employment.


Recognizing the catastrophic effects of the pandemic on thousands of Bangladeshi people who have become unemployed, or are on the verge of losing their jobs, Coursera, one of the world’s leading eLearning providers, has recently announced the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative as an immediate solution to these challenges.



As an intergovernmental organization committed to improving the livelihood conditions of people across the Commonwealth, COL has entered into this partnership with Coursera to make a difference to the lives of people whose immediate need is to acquire skills for regaining employment. Better Future for Women, a Bangladesh based organization, has entered into a partnership with Canada based Commonwealth of Learning to implemented this initiative in Bangladesh.